Business Management Software

Business Management Software: Our business management software is designed for the unique needs of  cemeteries, crematories and funeral homes. We make running your business easier.

Batesville works with you to create flexible software solutions that support the unique needs of managing your business, using the power of HMIS technology. Our business management software is the industry standard for multi-location cemeteries and funeral homes.  We understand how to help even the most complex businesses maximize efficiency, grow revenue, reduce risk, and stay connected with families.

Our business management software helps solve these common problems:

  • Having different uncoordinated databases for different functions or locations
  • Errors or ineffeciencies from multiple points of data entry
  • Difficulty reporting on the data contained within your systems
  • Pre-arranged funeral and cemetery trust management for state regulated compliance
  • Complex commission structure management
  • Optimizing cash flow

From before the first call to after the service,  we bring your business to your fingertips.

Before the Need

Have a single, comprehensive software solution that streamlines and connects every aspect of your business.

  • Comprehensive sales and lead management
  • Ability to make arrangements in front of customers
  • Complete integration with public portals and call service providers
  • Web access from anywhere
At the Time of Loss

Optimize service to families by providing a simple, seamless experience that captures every meaningful detail.

  • Custom packages and templates maximize the profitability of each sale
  • One database serves all locations and business processes
  • Multiple systems and duplicate data entry are eliminated
  • Integrated dashboard provides real-time monitoring of information
After the Service

Everything you need to stay connected with families and grow your business.

  • Comprehensive collections and commission management system
  • focused cross-sell and up-sell campaigns
  • Instant access to enterprise reports and electronic images of forms and contracts
  • Simple data transfer to the accounting package of you choice