Facebook & Obit Info [INFOGRAPHIC]

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VIDEO: Avoiding Common Technology Mistakes

In this recorded webinar, Mike Bryan, General Manager of Batesville Technology Solutions, walks you through our latest consumer and customer research to help you understand how to avoid technology mistakes. Take Action: Download the Technology Checklist Are you ready to take action to avoid … [Read more...]

SEO 101: Simple Steps to Improve Your Search Engine Rank

Why should you care about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Because the simple fact is that if you are not showing up in the top 3 to 5 listings on Google and other major search engines, then you are not going to achieve the online exposure needed to reach customers and grow your business. With … [Read more...]

Boosting Your Business with Technology

by Mike Bryan, General Manager of Batesville Technology Solutions Asked why he chose his lucrative – but dangerous – career, the notorious bank robber Willie Sutton replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” I recommend a similar, but legal, approach to business. If you want to grow yo … [Read more...]

HMIS Transitioning to the Batesville Brand

In September 2012, Batesville and HMIS joined together to pursue a common goal: helping customers move their businesses forward with technology. This shared effort brings together Batesville’s leadership in web-based technologies and deep understanding of funeral home operations with HMIS’s 25 years … [Read more...]

10 Essential Features for a Funeral Home Website

As the largest provider of websites in the industry, we understand what it takes to build a website that works for your business.  Ask yourself these 10 questions to see if your website is delivering all that it should for your business and the families you serve. 1. Are the recent obituaries … [Read more...]

Easy Tips for E-commerce Success

It's not always the largest funeral homes who generate the most revenue.  Some of our top performers are actually smaller, single-location firms who have found the secret to e-commerce success.  If you'd like to increase your revenues, follow these tips from the pros: Tip 1: Take advantage of all p … [Read more...]

Video Demo: See how cemetery mapping can benefit your business

Take advantage of the power of integration Batesville and HMIS have come together to develop a cemetery mapping system not available through any other software provider. You already trust our software solution to run your business. Let us show you how the addition of integrated mapping can take … [Read more...]