Easy Tips for E-commerce Success

It’s not always the largest funeral homes who generate the most revenue.  Some of our top performers are actually smaller, single-location firms who have found the secret to e-commerce success.  If you’d like to increase your revenues, follow these tips from the pros:

Tip 1: Take advantage of all possible e-commerce channels.

Expressions of Sympathy includes flowers, cards and DVD sales, however, many customers have one or more of these features turned off on their website.  You can attain greater revenue simply by having all features activated! If you are leaving money on the table, call 877-287-8661 and one of our representatives can help.

Tip 2: Post ALL obituaries on the website as soon as possible.

Most orders are placed in the first 48 hours of being notified of the death, so POST EVERY OBITUARY AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE utilizing basic information (Name, DOB, DOD). You can always go back and add information as it becomes available or allow the family to opt out of the online obituary.

Tip 3: Include a photo and video with every obit.

POST A PHOTO AND VIDEO TRIBUTE FOR EVERY OBITUARY to help keep visitors engaged and encourage them to share their condolences.

Tip 4: Use an email notification list.

Set up & USE YOUR OBITUARY NOTIFICATION EMAIL LIST, then be sure to collect family emails for each case so that you can easily send them updates.

Tip 5: Encourage families to share the obituary.

ENCOURAGE FAMILIES TO SHARE THE LINK to the online obituary and notification emails with their digital support network via social media and email. If your funeral home has a Facebook page, be sure to post all of your obituaries on there as well.

Tip 6: Complete the first guestbook entry yourself.

COMPLETE THE INITIAL GUEST BOOK ENTRY to get the ball rolling & make people feel comfortable interacting online. For example:
Our thoughts remain with you and your family at this time. We are honored by the trust and confidence you have placed in us during this difficult time.
– The Staff of XXX Funeral Home

Tip 7: Publicize & promote your e-commerce offerings.

PUBLICIZE YOUR EXPRESSIONS OF SYMPATHY PROGRAM by printing business cards for each location with the funeral home website address, FTD phone number & source code.

Tip 8: Set up your local florists.

To make full use of the program, be sure to SETUP PREFERRED & BACK-UP FLORISTS. This reinforces your relationship with your local florist by giving them the first opportunity to fill the order.

Tip 9: Stay informed about the program.

Go to your own FTD website & become familiar with the items available and the ordering process. Also, keep the FTD customer service number & email at your fingertips: 877-212-3610 (United States) and 855-674-5227 (Canada), sympathycustomerservice@ftdi.com. They are your partner in resolving issues or answering questions.

Tip 10: Track your progress!

Login to your website and monitor your e-commerce revenue reports. Watch it grow with your efforts.

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